goodbye lost dutchman

we took it easy on our last full day at lost dutchman state park. i wanted to hike up to the top of the flatiron (there’s a 2,000′ elevation gain in less than 1 mile!) but we got up late and then were too lazy to get motivated. next time! we did do a 5mi loop that included a little climbing


are these the infamous “jumping” chollas?!? i know that don’t actually jump, but i made sure to give them plenty of space


mike was playing photographer. i’m pretty sure i have my hands on my hips in this photo. the universal sign for hurry up!04

we hike to the Green Boulder. it was actually pretty green up there. pretty05

a view of the campground. guess we did hike up a little elevation06

i think i’m giving up on all 3 of us looking at the camera at the same time

at least mike & i can mange. nice view behind us08

me. standing on a rock. actually there was a 100 foot drop behind me. i got a little nervous standing up there. wiener


got chia seeds? kind of looks gross! wait until they get wet. they expand and get all slimy. but it’s nature’s energy food!


all 3 nights we stayed, we had to move sites. although i was happy the campground had availability, it was a pain moving daily. the last night we moved to the overflow area. there was already an older airstream there, but as we were eating breakfast this guy moved in across the street. airstream alley


4 thoughts on “goodbye lost dutchman

  1. I bought some chia seeds with no idea what to do with them. I never thought of eating them straight! I now plan on making a chia pudding…you soak them in a milk product overnight.

    I think Hans and I will enjoy Lost Dutchman!

    • yes! You guys will definitely enjoy!

      For the chia seeds, you can just eat them straight. You can also soak them in a little water to make an energy gel. I put them (and hemp seeds) in my oatmeal. There suppose to give you energy. Not really sure if they do, but I kind of like them 🙂

  2. I love Chia seeds but have never eaten them plain. We put them on yogurt every morning and I have an awesome recipe for orange chia seed muffins. The seeds add a nice crunch to the muffins. Sad we missed you here in Phoenix, but happy that you got to enjoy Lost Dutchman. We really enjoyed our stay there last year. Tim made it to the top of the Flatiron, but I had some sort of flu-thingy that day and had to stay home 😦 We’re over at Usery Mountain park right now and have an awesome view of the Flatiron from the bike trails. Maybe we’ll make it over that way for a hike before we leave town.

    • Hey Amanda – I saw your photos of a bike trail you guys did. It looked great! We’re just north of Phoenix at a friend’s house – suppose to head to Cottonwood area on Monday but there’s so much to do around here I’m thinking we should stay longer.

      Yay for Tim making it to the top. Maybe next time for both of us.
      Chia seeds rock 🙂


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