1 mountain + 3 girls + 6 dogs = a great day

hiked black mountain in cave creek, az. it’s only 1.25 miles in each direction, but you hike up. up.up. 1,100 ft to the top of Black Mountain (3398 ft). it wasn’t too bad but it did get your heart pumping!

a view of us at the top.

Duggy, Toby, Carrie, Lucy, Gail, Cyrus, Sam, me, & Scout

Gail and her pretty boy Cyrus. Lucy is refusing to look at me01

at least everyone is looking in the same direction02

Carrie’s crew sitting by her. Toby on the left and Duggy on the right03

water break mid way up

Toby & Duggy resting05

Sam & Scout resting with Toby. Toby can be a little dog reactive so this close distance was really good practice for him. And a tired dog is a less reactive dog!06

pretty views


Carrie and her crew heading up. I didn’t get my pictures of Gail and her guys because Gail is a SPEED HIKER and was way too far in the front09

catching a share break behind a shrub. got to enjoy the shade wherever you can find it10

rock climbing11

the guys normally hike behind me, but going up something so steep i let them go ahead and find the path that works best for them. plus, this way, i don’t have sam pushing me from behind. i wish i had a tenth of sam’s energy

they do wait for me when i ask them to. you can see carrie further up. and again, no sign of gail at all13

another lovely view along the way. the one good thing about hike up, it that the view is always spectacular


the good luck medallion at the top. you suppose to rub it for good luck. i rubbed it shiny

scout knows how to relax17


view of the city down below19



2 thoughts on “1 mountain + 3 girls + 6 dogs = a great day

  1. What a great hike – and the photos are priceless, I can almost feel the sore muscles I would have if I were able to do that anymore! Love your documentary comments, just enough but not over wordy – like me! SO GLAD you are sharing your adventures!


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