cline creek ruins hike

gail & her crew invited us to a little 6 mile leg stretcher today up to the cline creek ruins.

we tried to get the dogs to look at the camera. but no luck. but they do look like they are trying to “frame” us

started the hike thru a cholla forest02

and i do mean cholla forest. for an east coaster, i think the cactus out here are absolutely amazing. and cool!03

gail’s the dog whisperer walker. even my guys hang out with her04





if you look real close, you can see 4 different types of cactus

it’s a  saguaro forest! and that plateau looking thing in the background, that’s where we are going10


roadrunner gail – always 1000 feet beyond me12

my guys taking a break in the brush shade13


almost there!15


EVERYBODY waiting on me. i blame the camera. not that i’m a slow hiker18

not confident that gail really knows where the trail is19

views from the top!20



There is a small trail that will take you up about 500 feet for the last half mile.  Research on this site said that the top is defensive and that the site had about 70 pueblos23



that’s a long ways down!26

pretty desert flowers blooming27



gail was nice to keep my guys down in a “safer” area while i climbed up to the very top

scout & sam keeping cool in the shade with cyrus


all the pretty boys99

semi group shot. got sam and lucy. and cyrus’s body. scout is mia31

water and snack break. cyrus is fully relaxed


i love the moss or whatever this colorful stuff is on the rocks34

hiking down is more dangerous than going up. moving rocks is slippery. my thighs are feeling good35

WHAT??? i figured out gail’s magic dog whispering…. TREATS!


big guy cyrus was too tired to really care about a tiny treat37

more cholla forest38


lucy + sam lead the way home40

while cyrus + scout kept up at a leisurely pace41

and for a dog training tip: when returning to your car, it’s always a good idea for them to down or sit and wait while you load up. no running in traffic for our guys! 42


and the best part of a big hike… BIG NAPS! 98


One thought on “cline creek ruins hike

  1. Great time hiking, the dogs all did fantastic and the views are just beautiful. You take such amazing photos. Thanks for sharing this past week with me, and my family too. Scott told me last night that I have an incredible way of finding such fanstastic people! I would have to agree…


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