granite mountain, az hike

today we drove up to Prescott to hike Little Granite Mountain. 23

after being in the desert for a couple of months it was nice to see some trees. it was also nice to enjoy slightly cooler temperatures. at the start of the hike, it was upper 30s and a little breezy 01

the obligatory trail marker photo

thank you Michelle for the crocheted hat. i’m confident that it was meant for me, but mike swooped it right up! looks pretty good on him. and it kept his melon nice and toasty 03


the bark on these trees was super cool. looked like tiny scrabble tiles

i was joking that we were going to hike up to the rock face. but our trail didn’t go that direction

it is pretty. rock climbing was closed do to peregrine falcons nesting. they must have been on the nests because we didn’t see any

matchy matchy!
scout loves his ruff wear fleece muscle shirt

there is beauty in fire damage09

walking thru the fire damage is beautiful and a little spooky.
that look on my face … “this is the correct trail. right?!?”

nature is amazing. fire damage surrounds new life22

view from the saddle of the other side11

we weren’t sure exactly where our trail went, so we decided to go this way for a couple of miles then just double back. see that rock face that i said we weren’t hiking to12

best thing about climbing, the views get better and better13

can you see me & scout? sam’s down there too but he blends. got to get him a colorful jacket like the rest of the familia14

after an hour of climbing we made it to the saddle where we could see the other side. man! it was cold and windy! scary windy. decided it was too windy to start boulder climbing. plus we have 4 miles to get back to the car. time to head back15

but not before a little protein shake first. and a nerd pose16

i might go slow going up but i’m like a speedy rabbit going down. kept losing mike, now that i see the photos, i see what he was doing!17

had to put on a thicker hat & wind proof jacket. i couldn’t feel my hands for a while!

i like how the boys climbed that rock and waited for us. i’m so happy that they both love to hike. and that they have really polite trail manners


at first i thought the wind was getting realy bad, then i realized it wasn’t the wind but a helicopter. i’d like to fly thru the valleys. what a view they must have20



3 thoughts on “granite mountain, az hike

  1. Mike and Scout – cute “calendar” shot! One year I made a personal calendar with a full page photo for each month matched to that month from my photo files – very fun! By the end of this trip you will have a lifetime of calendar shots ;-D Happy Trails!

    • i’m obviously not speedy at replying! it was a great hike! i actually enjoy hiking when it’s cold. most of the time you have the place all to yourself. and there’s just a peacefulness to the snow.

      And yes! I think you guys will like it. Rosie, too 🙂


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