a week full of goodness

we’re back in phoenix, driveway camping at our favorite friend gail’s. gail has set the bar super high for driveway camping! plus, she takes off from work to go hiking with me. and feeds us. and provides hookups and wifi! and helps with car maintenance (well, scott the husband helps with that). and is an all around cool person. i’m so happy that the universe brought us together!

here’s a quick look at the past week.

started off bright & early saturday morning with a park walk lead by my 2nd best new friend, carrie (when she can provide a parking spot better than gail’s she move up to 1st position). the cutie in the middle is gail’s girl sissy. she’s such a sweetie. scout got bored about 15 minutes into the whole “walk calmly around in a circle”. confident that he wished i had left him home to sleep in and brought peppy sam instead.

out with the 43 year old original frig. as i type this, it’s makes me quite sad. the frig did great on electric but the original gas line was not up to using gas. since we want to get more off the grid and into the boonies, we’re going to need a frig that can run on gas. of course, the new frig is not the same size as the old. mike did an excellent installation job. should we ever have a wreck, the frig will still be standing strong. with or without the rest of the airstream. i’ll post a photo shortly

another double digit hike with the ladies and pups

mike & i decided to ride instead of hike. they both loved riding. especially scout. the only thing better would have been either him in the front passenger or driving!

errand days due have rewards. that you rubio’s for mike’s birthday gift.
then later some inside toy sharing time with sam & church

you like how we are all smiling and happy? yep. that’s before the 12 miles and 3,100 feet elevation gain/loss. But we conquered black mesa hike in cave creek

this past weekend was filled with new brakes, doggie love, friend love, bear the dog love.

and especially new airstream friend love!
we met up with dan & marlene and josh & jessa and brian & leigh


3 thoughts on “a week full of goodness

  1. Enjoy following your blog and especially love that you are so active with the dogs – the canine crew look like a fun group of characters. Hope our paths cross sometime. Safe and happy travels to you. _dave

    1. hey Dave!
      thanks for the nice words. the blog is definitely a work in progress. and yes, the canine crew is loads of fun. heading up to tahoe this week… where all of our clothes will remain on 😉

      confident that our paths will indeed cross!


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