what’s behind those black bars

nude or not nude? that is the number one question. the other question is why?
we’ll get to that in a minute, but first the other news 🙂


we had a long drive from out friend’s gail to our new boon docking spot. less than 50 miles! i’m starting to like these short trips. since we’ve been driving on more dirt and bumpy roads, we had to craft something to keep the upper cabinet doors on. a few snaps and straps did the job! in our travels, we’re hoping to find an old lounge chair with cool webbing to use instead of the black straps. but for now, they are perfect.

got about 10 miles and had to stop and eat. one last rubio’s lunch. they send you a free birthday coupon, so lunch was basically free! the back seat drivers are asleep on the job. it really is nice that they ride so well.

another few miles and we reached our destination, buckeye hills regional park. thank you leigh & brian for the invite! free boon docking with cool people. what more could you ask for? we even got to meet tim & his side kick moose . moose loved sam. almost a little too much! as you can see, they had a fantastic time running free. that handsome fellow with his ball is curtis. curtis is too sophisticated to play with the youngsters. and as always, desert sunsets are spectacular. a perfect way to enjoy happy hour

when we first arrived, leigh got a family photo of us. nice and wholesome. then later that evening during happy hour, we were joking and said ‘hey, we should do a nude family photo’. i’m confident that it was that one margarita sip!


i thought we would use a banner or circle to cover the private bits and it would look something like this. but no … the infamous black bars won out!


so right when we were getting ready to shed the clothes, three white blm trucks pulled up to chat and ask about the camping. so thankful they didn’t show up 5 minutes later. as soon as we saw their tail lights, clothes started flying! leigh’s shots of the “process” is almost funnier that the actual photo.  nice tan lines! and nice that sam is getting his yoga onnudie4

something about this is just funny!nudie2

almost as funny as us both putting on our sombreros!nudie1

and here’s the final! so NO we were not nude. no one really wants to see that. but those tiny black bars fool you. to answer the other question, why? WHY NOT!?! next week i’ll be 40. it’s about time that i start having some fun and stop being a stick in the mud. may the rest of the year provide us with lots of opportunities to meet new people and have a fabulous time!



12 thoughts on “what’s behind those black bars

  1. Excellent post! You guys have great energy! We found you through Aluminarium through Watsons Wander through Technomadia! We used your black bar pic for your new link on our blog. Hope you don’t mind. Can’t wait to meet ya someday. Sincerely, all50before50.com

    • hello and thank you!
      Who knew that those tiny black bars would make our stats sky rocket! Thanks for the link, now I just need to figure out how to keep the posts entertaining. Dogs playing is entertaining, right?! Loved to meet up with you guys
      Kelly & Mike


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