sierra at tahoe day uno

but first a couple of photos from yesterday’s “we love to play in the snow and wear our sweaters” photo session. we found a school with a ballpark right near our house. what a fantastic view they have!

thank you gail for the gently loved sweater for scout. he loves it. and sam is loving scout’s old sweater. with all the fur, we didn’t think sam would need a sweater but he loves it. the little guy gets cold too


i’m still amazed at how high scout jumps for the snowballs. and that he catches them. sam still hasn’t gotten it yet. they either smack him in the face or he just watches them fall to the ground.

this morning, we were ecstatic to find a little trail off the road heading up to Sierra. a couple of miles walk and play was just what the guys needed.


woohoo! we made it!

last year (when we still had jobs) we treated ourselves to a month stay in tahoe and season passes to sierra at tahoe ski resort. no paper passes for us. we’ve got a badge!

yep! we’re heading up into those clouds. the lift starts at 7,300 and takes you up to 8,852. took us about 6-7 minutes. not too bad. i think if it was windy, i’d have gotten motion sick šŸ˜¦


a chairlift selfie. don’t think i’ll be doing that again. definitely doesn’t help with the motion sickness


i’ve got to admit it. it looks like i’m smiling, but really i’m trying not to cry. my boots and bindings weren’t setup correctly so they were killing my calves and feet. i couldn’t even feel my feet because they had fallen asleep. thankfully i did a little adjusting when i stopped and all was better

hence the thumbs up

because my bindings need more adjusting i only did one run today. but it was 2.5 miles long! and sometimes i had it all to myself!



the guys waiting in the car. snuggling in our sleeping bags.

strategically placed feet šŸ˜‰



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