the big 4 – 0

today i turn 40. wow!

for years, my dream was to do something unforgettable the year i turned forty. so late last year we quit of jobs, sold our house, and moved a small amount of belongings to san diego. now we are traveling in a tiny airstream with our two dogs. totally loving life. taking time to breathe. time to explore places we’ve dreamed of visiting. this month we are in south lake tahoe snowboarding. this year is going to awesome. forty is feeling pretty perfect 🙂


mike surprised me with a huge slice of carrot cake. i love the dinosaur candle!

it was rainy up at the ski resort, so we took the day off. instead we did a little hiking and sightseeing.06



big trees. cool air. a breeze. i couldn’t have asked for a better birthday gift

pinecone art. btw, these are not east coast pines cones. east coast cones are somewhat little and light. these guys weigh about 5lbs and are solid!






so… we thought it would be cool to get a photo of us mid air. yep! pretty cool and fun

the funnier part is the “what happens after you land”. i was super sore from snowboarding, so when i landed i didn’t bend my knees like i should have. plus i’m confident that i landed in a huge hole. that’s what threw me off!

then i was laughing so hard that i fell back on the rock. gave a butt cheek a nice charlie horse! it’s ok, go ahead and laugh. it really was funny.

after some hiking, we decided to drive up 89 on the west side of lake tahoe. we weren’t looking for anything special, just wanted to drive and explore. found a nice overlook area. what gorgeous views. we really want to come back during the summer. it’s beautiful here.




i am thankful and grateful that i have survived forty years. may the next forty be full of fabulous adventures


12 thoughts on “the big 4 – 0

    • yeah, it hasn’t been the best year for snow. It’s good and bad for us. Bad … there’s not fresh powder when snowboarding. But good because we’re doing a lot more hiking and exploring than if there was snow. It’s beautiful here. Thanks for the birthday wishes!

  1. Happy Birthday! Ooooh, you’re in for a treat! The forties are the best! Love your photos & blog! Happy trails!

  2. Yay! Happy Birthday. Sounds like you’re off to a great start for the year. We passed by Tahoe this summer without stopping, and I kind of regret it. Gotta get back there someday. Looks like you’re having a blast on your winter adventure.

    • hey Amanda! our winter adventure is turning into a spring adventure. it was almost 60 today! no complaints. It gets busy on the weekends, I can only imagine the buses of tourists during the summer. We want to come back when we can do some boondocking away from the city

  3. Happy 40th to you and love reading about your adventures. I turned 60 this year and can frankly state life gets better with age. Retirement starts May 9th for me and my hub and I have our 78 Airstream ready for some long adventuring.

    • hi Regina! Thanks for the birthday wishes. I don’t feel like I’m 40, but when I hear younger people talk and see how they act sometimes I definitely love where I am in life! A ’78! How fun! I hope you guys get to adventure soon. Congrats on retirement!

  4. Welcome to the 40’s! What fun you are having and I can so relate to landing on the ‘ol arse so to speak. Love Lake Tahoe and hope they get snow. I loved your post. Congratulations! Though, I find the funny thing about being in the 40’s is my brain still thinks I’m in my 20’s and my body just doesn’t want to behave!

    • hello! totally agree… my brain definitely does not think I’m 40. And it’s kind of funny that I am doing more, body wise, now than I was at 20. I think we’ll be ok, as long as we don’t stop moving. And maybe stop jumping off rocks for that “perfect” photo!

      And yes, please bring on more snow!

    • hey Lisa! – “instant shock of pleasure”! that’s funny, I’d be afraid that my heart would seize up! I would like to do some SUPing if we come back. Confident that there will be an opportunity for me to test out the water 😀


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