a couple of fun hikes

there is a big difference in 6,000 and 8,000 elevation. we thought we were going to do some hike up at 8k … ah, no. bringing the snowshoes tomorrow. but we did find a fabulous “secret” snowhill. heading back there tomorrow for some sledding!

i wonder just how much snow there is02



someone is mighty happy05

ah! the snow hill. the top is much further than it looks. or it could have been the combo of walking in the snow and 8,000 ft that was making us winded. wonder how many sleds we are going to get in before we poop out tomorrow06

contemplating life07


that’s me running down the hill with scout & sam. all was fine until i hit a soft spot in the sand and face planted it. i seem to be doing a lot of face planting lately!09

on the way back home, we stopped here for another little hike. it’s beautiful here





they both went swimming and we super sticky after. baths in the shower using a trashcan filled with water and a pot to dip the water out is fun. really fun. makes my back hurt. i think i’m getting old 😦17







i look like a sherpa with all my layers attached to my pack!22


4 thoughts on “a couple of fun hikes

  1. Absolutely LOVE your photography! I can almost walk into these shots – awesome! I had no idea there was such beautiful country there – you are blessed to explore and ENJOY all of it 🙂 I think one of my fav photos in this group is the closer up one of Scout and the boulders behind him…he and Sam are LUCKY DOGS to be traveling with their family and the Airstream. If it weren’t such a SIN I’d be totally, completely, doomed to ENVY, LOL!! Keep sharing, kids, makes my day to see your photos and stories.

    • Candy – you always say the nicest things, thank you! I agree, the guys definitely hit the travel jackpot. Hopefully we can keep traveling until they are old and only want to take short walks and long naps!


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