sledding fun

yesterday we went back up towards carson spur pass to do a little sledding on the secret mountain we found the day before. of course when we got there, there were two other people already there getting on their cross country skis. bummer. but! we never even saw them. the “mountain” was all ours 🙂

this is the appropriate sledding gear. it was almost 60 and the sun was bright and toasty. probably could have gotten away with shorts, but the snow would eaten up our legs. because we skidded a lot. mike asked what was up with all the ropes? that’s the tow ropes. i tried to hook the rope up to the dogs but that didn’t work out as well as i hoped.


first couple of sleds, the boys tried to “help”. sam’s herding abilities really shined. he tried his best to herd the sled. when it didn’t work, he tried to bite it. 02


you’ll notice that big guy scout doesn’t really have quite the same enthusiasm as sam does 04




now the fun part. walking back up the hill. scout is loving this part too08

mike’s going to give it a whirl. he’s always quick to critique me, so it was nice pay back that he …09


headed straight for that tree!11



take 214



head first is always better! right??17


the guys are doing great with their training. they were in a down while we sledded for a while. once mike got to the bottom, i released them and they raced now to check him out



homemade ear warmer and googles = warm ears and happy eyes23

i look like i’m getting ready to race someone25

only negative is that my pants got wet. next time snowboarding pants24

we had a fantastic time. i can’t remember the last time i’ve sledded. just because i’m 40 doesn’t mean i can’t have some fun and act like a kid. we’ve got some video that is hilarious but my free wordpress account doesn’t allow video. just use your imagination 🙂22


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