angora fire lookout hike

last tuesday we needed to find a quick hike to get the guys a little exercise before we went snowboarding. so like normal, we drove down a road saw a closed forest road, stopped and walked it. this is what it looked like at the beginning. nothing too special

then it turned into this. the guys love the snow, so they were quite happy02

biggest snowball ever!03

about an hour or so of walking up (it seems like every hike we are walking up!), we started to think we just needed to turn around and get back to the car. but no, we were like “just a little bit further”. thank goodness we kept going. the angora lookout did not disappoint!09

views of fallen leaf lake, mt tallac, lake tahoe. all ours!


sam & i took had a rest on the lookout

this is burn area. the angora fire of 1997. 254 homes were burned, burned about 3,100 acres – mostly on U.S. Forest Service land, caused more than $150 million in damage and cost $23 million to fight … all because someone didn’t completely extinguish their campfire. good grief10


now back to the car!11



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