more hiking & snowboarding

our days here at lake tahoe are coming to an end. we’ve got to get in as many hikes and as much snowboarding as possible! of course, they are forecasting a huge snowstorm about 5 days before we are to leave. mike wants to stay another week, but i’m making him leave the cold and snow and head to the southern utah. desert, dry, and hot!

either the forest service or volunteers have done a great job of creating hiking and biking trails throughout the angora fire area. i really wish we had brought our bikes. sam would have loved to run these hills. but for now, we hike


and we climb on big, big boulders02


fluffy taking a rest on the snow. no, we didn’t make him down on the snow. he’s a smart guy. he was hot. he saw snow. he ate some then took a rest 🙂

again, with the ugly views. i don’t know how anyone could continue to look at this day after day!05

and on to the the snowboarding. not too many photos. really? how many photos can we take? we both went into the terrain parks. yep! did some jumps! like 2 inch jumps! maybe if we get some snow later this week, we’ll try again and actually get a little air. landing in fresh snow is so much softer 😉

me kickin’ it on the old school chairlift. i can’t imagine two people trying to squeeze into the chair. and there’s no safety bar. good grief!

“this way”??? nice face

so the problem with little snow and very warm temps, the snow on the green runs gets slushy and very slow. so slow that you stop. that does not make for a good time. so we decided to try out a couple of blue runs. not sure if you can tell how steep this is. yeah, that’s tiny cars down there

i’m doing some deep breathing before heading down08

still standing! and we went back up and did it again. hiking + snowboarding. a good day was had.10



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