tahoe city – tahoe rim trail hike

earlier this week, we drove up to tahoe city and hiked a part of the tahoe rim trail. it was 5 miles to ward creek road, so we hiked to the road and back.






yes, my pants unzipped and snowboarding sock combo is totally cool. as was this lake we walked around06


hiking on dirt is so much nicer and easier than hiking on snow and ice09

nice view from the turnaround spot10



see that stuff on the trail. that’s ice. it was super slippery. i heard sam running from behind me, then i heard him sliding and trying to stop BEFORE he took out my legs like a bowling ball. i tried not to fall. mike said i looked like a cartoon character slipping and sliding. i finally fell. i have a nice green and black bruise on my buttcheek. sam came over to make sure i was ok and apologize, then he was off running again. thanks for that14

about 15 seconds after we starting the car, there was snoring coming from the back. the boys are master power nappers šŸ™‚11



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