we’re going to live on an island


i’ve been secretly in love with washington’s olympic peninsula and the san juan islands for a while now. mike is determined that we are eventually going to move back to san diego, but i whisper san juan islands in his ear at night when he’s asleep 🙂

the universe apparently heard my whispering. it’s said that opportunities are all around us but we either ignore them or are too afraid to do something about them. this time i listened! last thursday nina, a fellow traveler posted that they were going to be volunteering at moran state park this summer. moran sp has been on “to visit” list for awhile, so i reached out to nina and asked what they would be doing. she mentioned that the park might still be in need of campground hosts. could we be campground hosts? do we want to commit a couple of months in one location? are we ready to go back to work? work?!? just typing that word makes me cringe on the inside. but is doing something that you love in a place that you really love really considered work?

after several emails with a very nice girl/lady/woman … sidenote: i still like to be called a girl. yes, i’m forty but lady and woman just don’t seem like me … with friends of moran state park (hello michel!) we are all set to be hosts starting june 15th thru labor day. not campground hosts, which is a-ok with me because i do not love smokey, smouldering campfires, but hosts of the ELC (environmental learning center) otherwise known as the “group retreat center”. some of what we’ll be doing is checking the groups in and out of cabins and the lodge. the ELC holds various groups like scouts, weddings, string quartet gatherings. how fun!

here’s the link to the park HERE

i am super, super excited. i’m going to live on an island. an island! that’s only accessible by ferry! i may never leave. it’s kind of funny that one of us wants to be in the southern most point on the west coast and the other wants to be in almost the most northern point. perhaps san diego in the winter and orcas in the summer … more to come!




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