chimney beach and secret cove

before the big snow storm blew in earlier this week, we headed over to the nevada side to visit a couple of beaches that we hadn’t seen yet. you could definitely tell a storm was coming. the temperature was about 20 degrees colder than the day before and it was windy. the lake was angry looking.

a quick hike down to the lake, we headed to chimney beach first









that rock out there looks a little like a whale08


asked the boys to stay in a down and relax while we climbed up on the rocks 04

scout had to get in some digging once he was free to play13



ah, the chimney! hence the name … chimney beach. i googled to find out the history, but didn’t find anything. weird. i’m assuming there was once a house here14

on to the secret cove17


it was really cold and extra breezy. mike’s ears were hurting so he grabbed my super warm hot pink hat (thank you again michelle for the awesome hats:-) ) 19

hmmm…. what is that in the middle of the board?20




yes, secret cove is a nude beach. we didn’t know that when we headed down to it. should we? could we? it was really, really cold and WINDY! but there was no one but us there. what the hell!!!

keeping my head and feet warm 🙂

i am a super fast de-dresser and dresser 😉 which is good because the other side of the lake was looking extremely ominous

you can’t even see the other side. and we couldn’t tell if that was fog, rain, or snow. we put a little pep in our step on the way back!25

quick view of chimney beach on the way back to the car26


6 thoughts on “chimney beach and secret cove

    • hey Lisa!
      It is a fantastic lake. When you can’t see the other side and it’s windy, there’s whitecaps and it looks like the pacific ocean. Other days, when it’s calm, you can see the rocks on the bottom. And yes, yes, yes it was chilly. We should have just gone for a quick dip. The cold makes you less wrinkly, right?!?


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