vegas baby

you would think that i would have plenty of time to write blog posts, but for some reason they just aren’t high on my priority list. hence, why i am severely behind. i really have to get better. i promise, i’m going to try!

we left palm desert and headed up to vegas. we stopped to let the guys stretch their legs and look what came by while we were out running around. a train! i had to run to get close to the tracks so i could take a photo. if the train guy saw me, i’m confident he probably thought i was a dork. my inner child was slightly disappointed that he didn’t blow the whistle. but anywho, i still enjoyed it!

there’s seymour in front of me. i’ve never enjoyed the sunsets as much as i have in the past 6 months. now, i make a point to stop and focus on them. and with color like this, it’s not hard to do.11




the plan was to make it to lake mead, but between leaving palm desert late and taking several breaks we started to lose daylight quickly. we realized that we were going to get there in the dark. since we have never been there before, we were hesitant about arriving in the dark. so plans changed. after a frantic text to the lovely Leigh asking where we could park on the vegas strip, we headed to the stratosphere.

i panicked about traffic and we got off on the wrong exit. nothing like cursing down the las vegas strip on a friday night at 8:00pm. mike did great towing. i, on the other hand, wasn’t even towing but i was freaking out





thanks to the book of face, i knew that a good friend from nc was in vegas that weekend, so we headed out saturday morning to meet up with her. i always forget that the stratosphere is on the far end of the strip. we got a good 6+ mile city walk in that morning!20





i love that my guys can go from running free in the wilderness to walking on leash in the traffic/people packed las vegas. because it’s our life i don’t think we do anything special, but i do have expectations. i expect them to go with the flow. calmly with the flow! if i find that the have trouble with something, we don’t quit, we just work it out. 26

it’s sam and her family! i’ve known sam for almost 10 years. sometimes you don’t realize how much you miss someone until you see them. we didn’t visit long, but it was great to catch up. i like how we lined up in height order … from the left: cameron, kenneth, me, and sam19


70heading out. we drove a whopping 20 miles to my brothers. now, that’s the kind of travel days that i like!




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