we are family, hampton va style

i’m interrupting my sequential blog posts, which i wouldn’t have to do if i was up to date! posts about zion, bryce, and page az are coming soon.

apri 27-30
i flew back to north carolina to pet sit for a friend. i added on a couple of extra days so i could visit with my family in hampton, virginia. i have really enjoyed having time to visit.

if only dad could donate some of his beard to jon’s head 😉



my little brother picks me up like i’m a q-tip. of course, i only weigh 50lbs



family lunch at red lobster, which was ok. afterwards, mom says that she likes another place better that serves fresh seafood. she’s got to speak up next time!41

my 2nd time eating crab legs. those suckers are a work out 42

then off to jon’s to work off lunch. who knew that you can work up a good sweat when playing air hockey. and i mean a good sweat! i’m surprise neither jon nor i lost an eye, tooth, or finger. we were brutal. and pucks were flying all over the place


then on to a wii bowling tournament with Abby and Dylan 45


jackie boy seems less than enthused with the wii bowling and frisbee and wake boarding and basketball and tennis. there’s a lot of wii fun to be had. i’m kind of glad we don’t have one. or seymour (the airstream) would be rocking and rolling during daylight hours 😉

super star abby

jon definitely has lots of fun toys

me, abby, and dylan49


one of the best things about this visit was the old photos my mom had out at the house. i love looking thru photos. brings back good memories
how funny, i think was taken at red lobster. back in 1993 or 9405

i was happy here, the photo just didn’t capture it! geez, we look like babies07

just some random ones. i’m slightly embarrassed about those bangs, but that was in style in the 90s!

apparently i’ve had a bitchy look since birth!

i love that photo of cory and jon (my brothers). my dad still has that horrible brown robe!

i’m busting a move or trying to do the bump. i wish i still had moves

i love, love, love this photo of my mom. she’s so young and pretty. people don’t believe i’m 40, all i can say is thank you mom for such awesome genes!


dad! what a fabulous velour shirt! 27


these green corduroy shorts could have a blog of their own. they were around for years. and worn often. and i mean often. like worn out. with holes. where no holes should even be. i wonder if he still has these

another highlight of the trip was my fantastic stay at marriott’s manor club at ford’s colony. it was a huge suite. 20 airstreams could have fit in here! mom hung out with me a couple of days. it was great! and the housekeeping staff … wonderful! i didn’t want to leave. if you are in the williamsburg area, i highly recommend this place 35





now remember, for the past 8 months my shower consists of a tiny hand held shower in a tiny shower where i am surround by a plastic shower curtain. much like a dexter murder scene. so yes, i used the tub. and yes, i watched hbo from said tub. and no, i’m not ashamed40

what a difference from phoenix, where i flew out from. 53

it was good to get out and run. but i’ve forgotten what humidity is. i was drenched. my glasses were totally fogged up. it felt great!!!54

so we have a new traveling pal. i’m happy to introduce manny the monkey! dylan graciously donated manny and abby donated the pretty pink bow he proudly wears. manny will be sending adventure postcards back to the kids so they can track his travels52

his first stop … the hugh hotel bed with crisp linens55

hanging out in the spa with his towel56

and a road trip to nc. let the adventures begin!57


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