a little bike and hike outside of zion

since dogs aren’t allowed in national parks, we headed out of the park to find some dog friendly places. this was smithsonian butte on the west side. there didn’t appear to be too much going on, but there was a dirt road. so we stopped, parked, and walked.Zion01

beautiful viewsZion04


and beautiful cactus flowersZion05

the next day, we did the same thing. just found a dirt road and stopped. decided to do a little biking. it was starting to get hot so we were only able to ride for about an hourZion02



so we’re just riding along. well, i’m riding and mike is walking. walking because as much as scout wants to keep up with the bike, he can’t. so he ends up walking with mike. so we’re riding along and what??? there’s a huge dead end/drop off. good thing i was paying attention. you could have easily fallen right off!Zion09


you can’t really tell, but that’s a long long ways downZion10

a little pat, pat for encouragement Zion4





and another drop off! i really wanted to get down to the road that went along the water but it was too hot to go exploring. next timeZion12




7 thoughts on “a little bike and hike outside of zion

  1. Hey Kelly! How are you? I have been thinking about you two lots since our time together. We leave again on May 28th. Do you still have my email? I would love to chat with you. Send me a message when you have time.

    • Helloooo!! I’m great and we’ve been thinking about you guys a lot too. We think our you each time we sit in our new Lafuma chairs. They’re wonderful! I’ll email you. Can’t wait to see where you guys are headed. Yay!

      • We leave tomorrow. I am so excited! Where are you? Where are you going? Maybe our paths can cross again! We will be in Utah, Colorado, back to Utah, Nevada, then California.
        You should see Sara, or rather me! We are working so well together, on and off leash!

      • yay! You’re probably already on the road! Our paths will definitely cross again… you live in a fantastic snowboarding resort … we love to snowboard. there’s room in your tiny condo for the 4 of us, right???

        I’ve been thinking of you and Sara. So glad to you ladies are doing great. She’s smart cookie 🙂


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