let’s take a ride

one afternoon we loaded up the truck and took off for some explorations. since dogs aren’t allowed on any of the trails in national parks, it forces us to look elsewhere. it’s a love-hate relationship. we pretty much always find something outside of the park that is just as cool as inside. today we drove thru kolob terrace.










we saw signs for kolob reservoir, so we thought we’d stop there. maybe for a swim because the temps were getting in the 90s down at the park. we didn’t realize that we had driven from 4k elevation to 8k. that’s a big difference! and wow, does that change in elevation make a huge difference in the temperature.  it was mighty chilly up by the water. and breezy. and low, low water levels. we didn’t walk around the lake much because too much trash and debris was visible due to the lack of water. don’t need any cut doggy feet.

as we looked across the lake, we saw something special. could it be???

we got back in the truck and figured out how to make it around the lake. YES! snow! now this is more like it. we parked and headed down the roadZion01

whoops! this is not tahoe snow. it was pretty slushy and not packed, so poor scout kept falling thru it. he really wasn’t happy



poor guy! even though the snow wasn’t packed, it was still deep. we didn’t know we’d run into snow, so we had on summer clothes and shoes. after several knee deep fall throughs, we headed back to the car. back down the mountain to our hot & smokey campsite. we always find something cool when we just got out looking for nothing in particular 🙂Zion17

dance move or ice sliding … i’ll let you choose 😉Zion16



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