we’re going to freeze

mid april 2014
well, we the humans and dogs aren’t going to freeze. we’ve got down sleeping bags and plenty of clothes to keep of warm. we were more concerned with our water pipes. an overnight of 19 is pretty chilly! especially when you don’t have a furnace. yikes! so we bundled up, turned the water heater on, and fired up our little emergency mr heater

thank for mom & dad for this gift! even though we have smoke (actually 2 of them!), carbon monoxide (and 2 of these too!), and lp gas detectors we were quite nervous about using the mr heater. we kept both ceiling vents cracked and two additional windows cracked. all and all, the heater did great! most of the evening was in the low 20s, high teens and the heater kept us 45-50 during the night. which was great to keep the pipes from freezing. we kept it low and used 2 of the 16oz propane fuelsDixieNF03

mike hates when i post photos like this because it looks messy. well, when we sleep it is messy. lots of blankies and dog snuggling. the down side, is my back is going to be permanently shorten from always sleeping in the fetal position!DixieNF02

can’t stay in the cold box for long once the sun comes out! got a chance to wear my new 2 ball hat. michelle, SIL, is a master crocheter. i told her that i wanted a hat like this, and in less than 2hrs … poof!  created! i love it. although i’m not sure if the “what to wear when you’re 40” guidelines would included this. probably not, but anywho


after a few minutes outside i realized that my new hat wasn’t warm enough. had to good back for the super warm one. and thanks again to michelle 🙂DixieNF06

finally off for a hikeDixieNF07

leave to sam to find a disgusting water hole and then get in it. and it was freezing outsideDixieNF08

luckily just his legs and belly got wetDixieNF10

uh, ah, what is that white stuff?? yep! it’s snowDixieNF09






cool to see snow and the airstreamDixieNF14

and this snow was tiny little dry balls. very cool! snow one day, warm temps the next (the next post). sometimes it’s nice to have crazy weather. makes you appreciate it when it’s niceDixieNF15


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