a side trip, a full moon, and a lunar eclipse

mid april 2014
we took a short drive to check out grand staircase/escalante national monument area. there’s almost 2 million acres of public land out here. imagine the boondocking opportunities! we were so excited to explore. after about 15 minutes of driving on the dirt road you can see below, we quickly decided that this is not the best place to tow the airstream. wash board roads do not make for a comfortable towing experience. escalante 01

escalante 02

we were determined to find some type of hike before we turned around. so after 30-60 minutes of driving, we finally found a trailhead. didn’t really know what to expect, but people in the sign in log say they came to see the slot canyons. slot canyon! i was so excited, this would be my first time going into one. how funny, it was snowing the day before and now it was probably in the 80s and sunny. and hot!escalante 04

escalante 06

escalante 05

escalante 07

escalante 11

escalante 13

escalante 12

escalante 14

finally found the slots! but was disappointed. unless you had rope or a very limber and i’m not afraid to fall and die body, you couldn’t get down into them. but what you could see and walk in was pretty. i know no idea that in the next couple of weeks, i would walk thru slot canyons that literally took your breath away. post coming soon escalante 08

escalante 15

escalante 09

the guys are getting good at resting in the shade when we are out doing somewhat silly things. sam’s in the back camouflaged escalante 10

escalante 16

how fantasticescalante 17

and even more fantastic was the lunar eclipse. we set an alarm to make sure we got up. and it was so worth it. and that’s mars that you can see with the moon. the utah sky is phenomenal escalante 19

escalante 18


5 thoughts on “a side trip, a full moon, and a lunar eclipse

  1. The flower… the landscape… the lunar eclipse. I love it all. Utah is an amazing place. I stayed up and watched the lunar eclipse as well. It was fabulous. What kind of camera did you use for the lunar eclipse and what lens? If you do not mind me asking… 🙂

    • Utah was pretty cool. And I’m glad we got up for the eclipse. The camera for the eclipse was our Nikon coolpix. Not too bad for a point and shoot! We’ve got a nice dSLR and tripod, but I don’t know how to setup the timer for long exposures. Next time!

  2. Well here I am finally. Love the site and pictures. I am so glad that we are connected. I meet you over at Facebook.
    Kymee ;o)


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