gone to the dogs

and cats, too!

back in late april, i flew to the east coast to visit family (check that out here) and to pet sit for a couple of friends. stacie and karen are amazing people. in addition to a healthy amount of “house” dogs and cats, they have provided a loving doggie sanctuary for 25 dogs. these guys are semi-feral, really no way to adopt them out, so they are living their life with a friend (2 dogs per run), lots of nice space to run and hang out, food & water, veterinarian needs, and treats & a little human love twice a day. sounds pretty good!

after being in utah and arizona for the last couple of months, i was almost overwhelmed by all the green! here’s the barn dogs home. i tried to get a photo of everyone, but some are just too shy.



the horses were not under my watch, but they enjoyed a daily visitIMG_2158

some more than othersIMG_2064



see that speck in the driveway? that’s evil the kitty. i like to call him toonces. if you stop the gator and give toonces a call, he comes over and hops right in for a ride. he probably would drive if given the chanceIMG_2072



speaking of kitties, here they are! after having 3 cats for 18 years, i really miss them. it was nice to get my fill of lap warmersthekitties

tom tom is the newest member of the family. he just showed up and refused to leave. i think the word is out that this is the house to live inIMG_2423

meet the house dogs. seven are inside dogs. with that many cats and dogs, you’d think it would be a zoo. it’s not. it’s quite. everybody is very well behaved. and! how exciting! a central vac system helps manage the fur issue. i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the central vac 😀


if you look closely, there are four cats. this is what happens when you try to enjoy a bowl of cereal in bedIMG_1914

this is sierra. she and the grinch share some physical similarities …IMG_2207

look at those hairy feet!IMG_2177


see! rough times. way too loud and rambunctious IMG_2081

waiting patiently for a treat (and for me to try to get everyone in the frame)IMG_2113

totally not pet related but equally as important … after using a  handheld shower for the last six months, i took advantage of the tub and bubbles. note to self: when using the bath jets, bubbles may take over!

beautiful flowers surrounded the deck



county sunsets are pretty spectacular. it was nice to help out some friends and to get to enjoy their house and all the things you don’t get when living in a small space on the road. this may become a yearly event!

One thought on “gone to the dogs

  1. This was especially fun to read because you shared that you did this, Now I was able to see the pics felt like I was there.

    Living here in the S. West. I am in awe how green it is back there.

    Safe tumbling


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