i’ve got friends in

early may

north carolina! we’ll get to them in a minute. but first, look at this gorgeous tree. it’s on hwy15/501 heading towards roxboro. every time i see, i think how beautiful it is. you nc folks take a drive, especially in the fall, and check it out. i’d say get out and hug it, but that might be asking a wee bit too much

i’m bummed that i didn’t get an exterior shot of “rhonda the honda”. my friends let me borrow her during my trip. i love rhonda! she’s old school.  born in 2000 and has about 210k miles on her, but still going strong. and! look at those knobs! i love knobs. they’re so much easier to control than the stuff in new cars. apparently i’m at the age when driving an old car turns from being an embarassment to something you are proud of. rock on rhonda!IMG_2265

oh erica. i miss you. i’m so glad we got to catch up. although i love rhonda, your new jaguar was calling my name 🙂

erica and i met for coffee. i’m loving the new starbuck’s cup holders. mike & i were just saying the same thing. even mistakes have value. there’s always an opportunity to learnIMG_1884

after i booked my flight back east, the very first person i emailed was “the lady”. the lady’s real name is mary. mary is magical. she’s in cary, so if you need any bodywork done let me know and i’ll pass along her info IMG_1889

she also is a phenomenal listener. a while back she posted something on facebook about giving a gift to those who would pay it forward. i said yes (still need to work on the paying it forward part!) so when i got to her house there was a gift bag waiting for me. before i opened it, i stopped by the restroom. which i do every visit and i always comment on loving the reading material in there. so how great was it when i opened my gift it had several reader’s digest in it! and some trader joe soaps, that i love. we’re actually using the soaps right now. and that cute little happy camper magnet clip. a++++++ mary! the fact that you listen and pay attention to what makes a person happy. that is almost better than the gift itself. thank you!


i also had time to stop by my old workplace. it was great to catch up with friends. i had actually just seen sam and her family out in vegas a couple of weeks prior. a sam sighting is very rare, so i feel super special that i saw her twice!IMG_2420

speaking of super special. lisa and sheri are super special. not sure what we are doing in this photo. so for the 2nd one, we went for a little prom posing?!? i am both amazed and delighted at how we can start a conversation talking about the weather and by the end we are discussing body piercings. fantastic!IMG_2418


oh my way to sharon’s house for the weekend and this is what i see! hello little airstreamIMG_2274

first order of business with sharon, yarn shop! downtown knits has both fabulous yarn and people. michelle, the owner, takes the time to answer all of my questions. helps me find the right yarn. and perhaps, enjoys my excitement over the pretty colors!IMG_2275





baby booties!!!!IMG_2285

my final purchases. i missed my $25 limit just by a little. but look at all the pretty colors!

whipped up a quick scarf for the plane ride homeIMG_2321

sharon and me. thank you sharon for being a great host!IMG_2334

her kitty bean. bean’s a little shy, but she came out for a photo opIMG_2309

beautiful flowers … i think there’s a pink theme going onIMG_2305


manny the monkey & i waiting for our southwest flight back home. home is where you park your shiny bubble, right?IMG_2346

leaving nc. lots and lots of greenIMG_2353


not in nc any more! IMG_2371


hello phoenix! where brown is the new green! it was great to visit nc. i never realized i missed my friends until i saw them in person 😦IMG_2379


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