good morning kofa

one of my 2015 goals is to be a better, more frequent blogger. since it’s 24jan and this is my first post of the year, i’m not sure i’m doing so good!

yesterday we left our sweet spot and lovely neighbors outside of yuma. check out nina’s great post.
headed up to kofa national wildlife refuge. we’ve driven past this area, but have never stopped. we arrived just in time to find a perfect spot and watch the sunset.

again we have lovely neighbors, todd and russ (Wandertopia, @toddmb, @haynieruss). must be something about these desert “neighborhoods” 😀 they invited us to join them and brenda and hector (island girl walkabout) for sunset drinks and dinner. normally i’m not a salmon eater, however between the seasonings and grilling todd did a fantastic job. i went back for seconds, which really is a first for me.

this morning’s sunrise was spectacular. love being back among the tall cactus again

today’s plans are a hike to palm canyon. evening beverages and dinner with todd and russ & kate and iain (the scenic route)

not a bad way to spend a saturday

8 thoughts on “good morning kofa

  1. KOFA NWR is on our list and plus you got to meet one of our favorite couples; Brenda and Hector. I’m looking forward to returning to AZ this February and checking out some of these fun places.

  2. Make sure you stop and see the ghost town, the name is castle dome city.

    Glad to see you are still out about and having fun. The offer to stay with us in San Diego is always open

    Mark and Kymee

    We are in havasu now visiting my sis they off to couple of day in desert hot springs AWWW I can feel the hot water now.

    1. Hey Kymee! We tried to make it to Castle Dome. Unfortunately we were short on time and it’s 10 miles down a dirt road. It took us almost 15 minutes to go 1 mile! So we didn’t make it this trip. Next time!

      Hope you enjoy the hot springs. We were just in Santee in December. The time flew so fast we didn’t get to visit with everyone. I think we’ll be back next January. We definitely need to meet up!

    1. hahaha! I’m slow with the posting. I can only get faster. Kofa was beautiful! We headed out a little earlier than planned. The lava rocks are hard on furry feet. Headed to more gentle terrain down in Sedona


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