a walkabout in sedona

last year we stayed in cottowood, az for a couple of weeks. cottonwood is nicely located for day trips to sedona, jerome, mingus mountain, and prescott. we are happy to be back. days are filled easy mornings, long hikes, and relaxed evenings.

the boys enjoying the morning sunshine while we get backpacks ready. well scout is enjoying and sam is intently watching. he wants to make sure we don’t forget him!

we didn’t have a specific trail in mind, so we just headed to the scenic byway in sedona and stopped at a parking area. there are lots of hikes, so we were confident that we would find something. parked at the yavapai vista viewpoint and headed in the opposite direction as everyone else! we like to avoid the crowdsSedona201504


this is a multiuse (bike, hike) trail. the boys are doing their best dirtbike impression 😀Sedona201503

a view of cathedral rock in the distanceSedona201505







along the trail we chatted with a biker about the trail that goes around cathedral rock. it sounded doable so we headed that way. on the backside of cathedral rock we passed an older gentleman that discouraged us to continue on, but suggested that we return the way we came. we had already hiked about 4 miles and to continue on would be another 6. also looking for a loop rather than backtracking, we continued on. this part of the trail, hiline trail, is mainly used for downhill mountain biking. it’s ranked as double black diamond and for good reason. holy crap, there is no way i’d even ride my bike down this. however hiking up was fabulous. lots of pretty rock and amazing views.


i like how scout is considering the warning and sam is like “yee haw! let’s kick it out!”Sedona201513

yes, bikes come down that slide!Sedona201514

sam is getting pretty smart about finding shade and waiting for us to catch upSedona201515


scout hiking the techincal section! go scout go!Sedona201516

i heard splashing. then i saw this. lucky for us, it had rained a couple of weeks ago so there were several fresh puddles on the hike. sam was all for cooling himself off.




cathedral rock from the backsideSedona201521




beautiful vibrant green moss in the middle of all the red rockSedona201525



total mileage was around 8.5-9 miles. so worth going around!



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