mingus mountain hike

another of our “let’s ride along and just find a hike” hike. this time we rode up to cool temps in mingus mountain area. our initial thoughts were, we’d just park the truck and walk the 2.0 miles to trail 101MingusPart101

then we got to a trailhead and saw this map. so 102 to 104 to 103 … that looks like about 6 miles. oh, that’s totally doable. note to self: LEARN to read a topo map. learn what all those little lines mean. i’m pretty sure it has something to do with elevation and climbing. lots of climbing! MingusPart102


and off we go. the boys wearing their ruff wear orange vests. they normally stay behind the person in the lead, but it’s nice to be able to see them if they get to run around.


nice views of the snow peaks on san francisco mountains in flagstaff MingusPart105


it didn’t take long to remove the pants! it’s hot up on the ridgelineMingusPart107


made it to the first turn of the trail. we had a nice lunch, chatted with a gentleman about the mining history in the area.MingusPart109

passed a pretty watering hole. in the forests around here, there’s always cattle guards when entering. so there must be cattle roaming, but we’ve never seen any. just their lovely poop and hoof printsMingusPart111


now here’s where the trail starts to get, shall i say … interesting. basically from the turn, #104 went down. down thru a rabbit trail. some nice person had placed lots of cairns to mark the way. otherwise we would have been lost. after a mile or so of pretty decent descending we started to question the decision to make the loop. we had plenty of water, but not appropriate clothing for evening temps and we only had a couple hours left of daylight. surely, we thought, this trail will hurry up and link up to #103. who wants to climb straight up and backtrack. keep going! MingusPart113

not smiling so much here! and i’m being crowded by the backseat ridersMingusPart114

can you see the trail? no? MingusPart115

there it is!MingusPart116

one very cool thing along the trail was the alligator junipers. the bark really does look like alligator skinMingusPart117


woohoo! we finally made it out! the brambles were trying to grab mikeMingusPart119


finally on #104. now maybe 4ish miles of climbing to make it back to the car. not to bad. at least the path is nice. we can make some good time.MingusPart121


hahaha! this is part of the trail. rocks. big. small. medium. lots of rocks. rocks do not make for fast hiking. they make for twisted ankles if you’re not careful.MingusPart123

back to nice surfaces. and more alligator junipersMingusPart124



about the time i let the boys run ahead, we round the corner and see this! cows! beautiful cows. cows with horns. big horns. wait a minute. these are lady cows with horns, interesting, and babies! tiny babies. sam immediately thought his newly found herding skills were needed. thanks, but no thanks. scout also thought he would act like a cowboy. the boys got leashed up and we pushed the cows up the trail. now this makes for slow hiking too!MingusPart127

mooooove it ladies!MingusPart128


just when we thought we were safe from the cows, we ran into more. and more babies. both mom and baby looked great. something about free ranging and the mountain air at 7,500 feet does the body good. we passed on without incident. this time neither of our guys acted like crazy cowboys.MingusPart130


those dirty white feetMingusPart131

after 5.5hours and 10ish miles, we made it out. a nice family photo. scout is too cool to pose for the camera. sam, on the other hand, is happy to pose and ready for some more miles!MingusPart133


2 thoughts on “mingus mountain hike

  1. This is how we hike. It can definitely get you into trouble but then it so much more fun:) This is the reason we now have headlamps in our packs:) Glad you made it back in time! Love all the “wildlife” you saw:)

    We saw our first alligator juniper the other day while wonder in the mountains above Bisbee. Thanks for teaching us the name of the tree. The bark caught my attention…very cool!


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