guanella summit hike

some photos from our hike yesterday. guanella pass is closed just past the campground, so we parked there and snowshoed up the road.




mike decided to take a side trail. not sure i’d call it a shortcut. it cut out a couple of switchbacks on the road, but it was straight up. and i mean straight up. and deep. and slippery. we did not take that trail on the way back down


we made it!GuanellaSummit13




sam relaxing for a minute. actually he was hoping i’d throw him a snack or twoGuanellaSummit06

where as, scout was out hunting for his snack. he didn’t catch anything but he had fun sniffing around GuanellaSummit07



we were there! at 11,669′. the campground where we parked is at 10,900′. a measley 769′ feet we climbed. it sure did feel like a lot more! we’re hoping to hike mt bierstadt before we leave. we’ve never hiked up to 14k’. that would be awesome!GuanellaSummit09

that’s mt bierstadt on the right. it doesn’t look to tall, right?GuanellaSummit05




headed back down. there were some places on the road where we really didn’t need the snowshoes. man, it’s nice walking on flat, stable ground in boots!GuanellaSummit18

and then there were places where the snowshoes were neededGuanellaSummit19

we just snowshoeing along, chatting. then WHAM! i trip up and fall face first into the snow. mike being the ever loving husband started talking photos. he didn’t even ask if i was ok. i guess my laughing was a sign that all was good. when i fell i also dropped dog treats, that’s the brown bits in the photo. sam quickly came over to “help” with the clean up. poor scout, he missed out on all the action




it was a great hike. fall and all 😀GuanellaSummit23


8 thoughts on “guanella summit hike

    • It’s lovely when we are all alone! We don’t normally hike on the weekends, to avoid people. Sad, but true. Although today we ran into a really nice guy on the trail and enjoyed chatting with him. Try snowshoeing, it’s fun! Even if you take a tumble. I want to try cross country skiiing next

  1. Looks like a great hike. Tim and I got snow shoes for Christmas but we never got a chance to use them. It looks so fun. 🙂

    • It is fun. And it’s a workout! Which is good, right? We’ve had these snowshoes since 2000 and they’ve only seen snow maybe 4 times. I hope you guys have better luck with snow that us!

  2. How beautiful… My sister in law in the midwest has snowshoes and she used them very much this year! This hike looked awesome! Such stunning photos!


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