guanella pass, again

the house we are renting in georgetown is right off the guanella pass road, so it’s an easy trip up the road for a hike. from where the road is closed to the top is 2 miles, so a nice 4 mile total. sounds easy, and it is, once you stop a couple of times to catch your breath.



95% of the road is still covered in a good amount of snow. if you hike on the packed trail, you’re good. if you step off, you can sink in anywhere from a couple of inches to a couple of feet. the road is lovely at the top. snow free! you forget how nice it is to walk on a hard surface


yep, that’s my desert sun hat. the sun and snow here are blinding. my eyes appreciate the extra care šŸ˜‰guanellapass06

sam always looks happy, and scoutguanellapass04

well he always looks tolerate. he really is happy, i’m starting to think that he’s camera shyguanellapass05





just squint and we’ll be clear. not sure why this photo is blurry. i’m sure the wind blowing over the camera into the snow had nothing to do with itguanellapass12


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