Cape Flattery – the most NW tip in the lower 48s

Since june 5th, we’ve traveled almost 4,000 miles. That’s a little more than two weeks. That’s way too many miles at one time! that doesn’t include the week before when we went from hampton, VA to the mountains of NC then down to south florida. More on that later.

Since we were just in south Florida, we thought “hey, let’s drive up to the most northwesterly tip of the contiguous lower 48.” So that’s what we did yesterday. mapeasttowest

But first, this is how I like to start the day. The boys and I went out for a long beach walk. Then we came back and relaxed while Mike made us breakfast 😀capef0

The drive from La Push to Cape Flattery is a little over 60 miles, but it takes about 2 hours to get there. It’s slow going on winding roads, however you ride parallel to the Strait of Juan de Fuca. That land you see on the other side of the water is Canadacapef1

I walked down to a tide pool area to quickly explore. What are these things? They kind of look like a cross between a shell and a sand dollar. I don’t know what they are but they were everywhere and pretty cool looking.capef6


Almost as cool as these huge wooden statues as you enter Neah Bay. capef3



The Cape Flattery trail is only .75 miles but it seems a little longer as you wind thru huge trees and walk on wooden bridges. This is what you see at the end of the trail. I thought it was going to take you down to the ocean but you’re high up on the cliffs.capef7



There are several unofficial overlooks that stop at the very edge of the cliff. No guardrail, no anything. If you fall, you die. eek! So the boys were in a down relaxing far from the edge. That way I could walk around and look without having to worry about them. Can you spot them? Sometimes they blend so well that people don’t even know they are there.capef10


I also thought you could access the lighthouse, wrong. The lighthouse is over on Tatoosh Island. But we could see it!capef14



I’ve decided to let me hair grow back out (I switch between really long hair and really short) so be prepared for lots of hat or bad hair photoscapef15

This is what the wooden bridges look like. Pretty cool. Luckily it was dry and not slippery.Also lucky that is was dry so we could pull off when people were approaching. Definitely not enough room to pass, especially with dogs. capef16

2 thoughts on “Cape Flattery – the most NW tip in the lower 48s

  1. Gorgeous! We did not make it out to Flattery last summer, I’m enjoying it vicariously through you!

    Have fun growing your hair out…every time I consider it I remember what hell it can be!

    1. There’s a good chance, the next photo you see of me will be even shorter hair! All it takes is one super hot day and it will probably get buzzed off.

      I’m glad we went out to Flattery. Now that we’ve been there, I would have been disappointed if we had made a special trip. Not too much going on in Neah Bay either 😦

      However it was a very pretty drive and views at the tip!


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