sunset on the coast

we arrived in la push, wa in time to setup, take a beach walk, and watch the sunset
this is definitely one of my favorite places to visit



i think twilight  is almost prettier than the sunset (by the way, that’s james island)

found a couple of starfish and sea anemone this morning a quick beach walk. more on these guys later!starfish


meet and greet

occasionally we meet cool people on the hiking trails. a couple of weeks ago we had a nice chat with these kids, and yes if i’m old enough to be your parent then i can call you a kid 🙂 (that hurt a little to write that. i’m old enough to have a kid that’s in college. eek!)

fellow east coasters from nj, lisa & ryan transplanted themselves to golden. sean’s out for a visit, sporting a nj sweatshirt. nice!

if you guys see this post, it was nice chatting with you. there’s a good two feet of fresh snow, so we will not be making it up to mount bierstadt before we head out next weekend. and it only took me two weeks to make a blog post 😉