meet the crew


hold tight … info is coming!

1971 Airstream Globetrotter LandYacht


Kelly & Mike





7 thoughts on “meet the crew

  1. Im trying to find the beginning of the blog. Are you work amping or working from the road or just taking time off. I m a hopeful future full timer..but not of retirement age.

    1. hi there! I need to update the About Us page, but I’m lazy and haven’t got around to it yet. We are just taking some time off and traveling. However, we will be volunteering at Moran State Park on Orcas Island this summer. Don’t get paid, but our site is free.

      I’ll try to get that About page updated! And good luck with full timing. Or just taking some mid life time to play 🙂

  2. Just found you thru Aluminarium. I would love to know more about your Airstream. Any mods you have made, what works, what doesn’t. We have a 1973 Globetrotter Land Yacht 21ft. which is currently gutted. Hoping to have it ready to travel by next summer. Trying to decide what upgrades to make, what to keep and what to get rid of.

    1. Hey Vicki!
      Luckily our interior was in great shape when we got it. We haven’t done anything extravagant, just some routine stuff … like new water heater, new axle. Perhaps I need to make a post about what all we’ve done. I will try to do that this week!

      If we had to do it again, I would love to gut it and start fresh. I’ll add some of the things we wish we had done to the blog post.

      The pressure is on for a great post. Stay tuned!
      Feel free to email me and we can chat in more detail
      Kelly & Mike


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